People React To President's Gun Plan

<p>The AR 15</p>

The AR 15

With President Obama's plan addressed today, how are people in our area reacting to it?

We met with Lori Wheeler, who was shopping  for a brand new gun today.

Wheeler tuned in during President Obama's address, and was appalled.

"It's a ridiculously poor attempt at the proper solution," said Wheeler, "It's disappointing to see with all the other things we have going on, unable to pass a budget for all these years, but we can throw together a task force for gun control in 30 days?"

Over the past few weeks, local gunshop owners have seen about a 30 percent increase in the number of people looking to purchase guns -- and don't expect numbers to drop any time soon.

Local gunshops like Hammer's Outdoor World in Union Gap say the recent actions the President took this morning is only going to make it more difficult for people who are looking to buy guns either for protective or recreational use.

"It's going to make the used gun market more expensive," said gun manager Check Tveter, "A lot of private sales people will try doing that. But for the gun stores, used guns will cost us more money, and so we'll have to charge higher for it unfortunately."

Lori Wheeler says she hopes the recent attempts at gun control are struck down, and efforts are focused on those behind the gun.

"In terms of caring about firearms, being safe with firearms, it has nothing to do with curbing the violence," said Wheeler, "People want to make guns the problem, and guns are not the problem; people are the problem."