Act! Get Up! Get Moving!

<p>Act! Get Up! Get Moving!</p>

Act! Get Up! Get Moving!

A new research program to help with childhood obesity comes to Yakima.

Today, Yakima Memorial, the YMCA and Pacific Northwest University announced the kick off for their program, "Act! Get up! Get moving!"

The program will be taking in 15 families from around the area, who will go through a 12 week nutrition and fitness regiment, which will be used for research.

Program organizers say the program is the first of its kind to come to Yakima, and hopes it makes a large impact.

"If we can address the problem now, make our children healthier, make our families healthier, the health statistics in the future will hopefully be a positive one and not the negative problem that we have now," said Yakima Memorial's Kate Sansom.

To participate in the program, a referral is required from your local physician.