Hundreds Attend MLK Peace Walk; Honor Local Volunteer



<p>MLK Peace Walk</p>

MLK Peace Walk

Hundreds of people crowded the streets of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard this morning.

Every race, color, sexual orientation, standing united, bearing the freezing air to march in memory of Doctor King.

It was all part of the annual Martin Luther King Peace Walk.

"[We're] Celebrating somebody who gave us practically a voice for people who weren't able to stand up for themselves; he did it for us," said Maira Prieto.

For some, it feels like a culmination of the past few decades, having MLK Jr. day fall on the same day as the President's inaguration ceremony.

"Just to watch the inaguration address on the television and then come to the march, and to see everybody together, walking hand in hand," said Doris Burton, "I think it was all in the plan"

Following the walk, people gathered at the Yakima Convention Center to honor longtime resident, Al Bradley, who accepted the MLK Jr. Service Award today"

For over 40 years, 80 year old Bradley, a Korean War vet, has volunteered his time in the community through coaching youth sports, and helping other seniors his age -- Bradley says his contribution is only a small fraction of what he hopes to inspire the rest of the community to do.

"It's up to all of us to keep the dream alive," said Bradley, "And if we want a better community, get out from behind those doors, and get out into the street. Talk to the people that are out here, talk to the kids that are out here. That's how you make a difference. "

And to keep that dream alive, and make that difference, many like Bradley agree that it starts with our youth.

"My grandchildren, others grandchildren need to know; unity is what we must accomplish," said Miz.Dee, "Together we stand, and divided we will fall."