Yakima Man Accused of Sex Crimes



A Yakima man is charged after being arrested on child rape allegations.

Yakima police says 39 year old Travis Padgett was arrested from his home last Thursday night.

Police say Padgett is suspected of having a relationship with a 15 year old boy -- including giving the boy meth and having sex with him.

Officers say the boy went to police and told them he had sex with Padgett over 50 times.

When police searched Padgett's home, they found a 14 year old girl in his basement.

In 2002, a female roommate was shot in the back at Padgett's home in Union Gap.

One of the people arrested from the incident was Jacob Lucey, who made headlines last month after failing to return from a 24-hour furlough.

Yakima police are still at the beginning of their investigation into Padgett's home.

Padgett's bail is set at one million dollars -- he's facing a count of child rape and giving meth to a minor.

He will be arraigned at the beginning of February.