Tri-Cities residents bundle up to stay warm in freezing conditions

<p>Cloudy Sky</p>

Cloudy Sky

More freezing rain is on the way tonight, and the weather could once again create icy roads and dangerous conditions for drivers.

Meanwhile, people across our region are doing everything they can to stay warm while outside.

Sean Sanders knows being out in the cold is sometimes just part of the job.

"I bundle up, wear layers and dance up and down the sidewalk, keeps me pretty warm" said Sanders.

Sanders is a CPW - that's a Certified Public Waver at Liberty Tax Service in Kennewick.

He spends five hours each day outside holding a sign promoting the business.

"I definitely enjoy it. I have fun doing it. It's a great job. Where else do you wave at all the great people that live in the Tri-Cities" said Sanders.

With temperatures below freezing for most of the day today, residents across our region bundled up to stay warm outside.

"I know it's freezing. But what can we do about it" said Esteban Mendoza, Pasco resident.

The freezing temperatures brought ice to the streets overnight and this morning, and the slick streets may return tonight, as a freezing rain advisory goes into effect at 10 PM.

Washington State Patrol troopers are warning drivers to slow down and be safe.

"People need to be aware of the temperature outside for one. When they're going outside and their windows are frosted over, you might want to consider and think that the roadways are going to be icy, especially overpasses and intersections, stuff like that" said Trooper Oscar Garcia.

Troopers say if you lose control of your vehicle on the road, ease off the accelerator and steer the direction you want to go.

"If you're in town and you're at a slower speed, hitting the brakes isn't a bad idea as long as you anticipate ahead of time. But once you go out of control and you're actually in your spin, the last thing you want to do is hit your breaks" said Garcia.

Despite the cold weather, Sanders says he will continue to work outside, staying as warm as he can.

"I've been in worse" said Sanders.

Washington State Patrol troopers say in addition to slowing down, they're reminding drivers to make sure they leave plenty of space between them and the car in front of them.

If there are any school delays tomorrow morning, you can watch Good Morning Northwest for the latest information.