Kennewick Mayor Pro-Tem Sharon Brown to replace Sen. Delvin

<p>Sharon Brown</p>

Sharon Brown

Kennewick Mayor Pro-Tem Sharon Brown is selected to replace Senator Jerome Delvin this afternoon, after Delvin was sworn in as a Benton County Commissioner last month.

Benton County commissioners selected Brown because they said they were impressed by her vision for improving the Tri-Cities for generations to come.

The commissioners interviewed Brown and the other two candidates, state representatives Larry Haler and Brad Klippert this afternoon in front of dozens of people.

Klippert was in Olympia so his interview was conducted over the phone.

Commissioners asked each candidate five questions regarding budget control, their top priorities if elected, and how they work with others, among other topics.

The commissioners then went into executive session for almost 30 minutes.

When they returned, they unanimously voted for Brown as Delvin's replacement.

Brown says she was very surprised.

"I am very excited. I'm excited for everyone in the Tri-Cities. I'm excited for our kids. We have five kids and it's my hope and my desire that not just my children, but everyone's children who are in the Tri-Cities will want to come back and raise their families in the Tri-Cities. We got it going on in the Tri-Cities and we want to share that with Olympia" said Brown.

Sharon Brown says she understands the struggles facing Americans.

Some of her top priorities are to help small businesses in the area, and continue to build relationships in Olympia so our region can benefit.

For example, she says she helped the Southridge Sports and Events Complex in Kennewick become reality, and it has brought in nearly $5 million from tourists in less than a year.

She says she wants to pursue more work like that to improve our area.

Brown will have to run for the position in November during a special election.