Attorneys show video surveillance of alleged assault outside Jack Didley's

<p>Video Surveillance</p>

Video Surveillance

After months of questions, attorneys finally reveal the surveillance video that captured what happened the night a Richland man was dropped on his head outside a Kennewick nightclub last summer.

This morning, prosecuting attorneys showed the jury the video surveillance of the alleged assault that took place outside Jack Didley's on July 4, 2012.

They say the video makes it clear that Matthew Hibbard dropped Ben Ensign on his head, which resulted in Ensign suffering a brain injury and other physical issues he's still recovering from.

In the video, two of the nightclub's bouncers are seen carrying Ensign - restraining him from getting through the front door.

And then, Ensign is dropped.

"It sounded like a cinder block hitting the concrete. Words can't describe how bad it sounded" said Joleigha Evans, witness.

Matthew Hibbard is one of those bouncers.

He's on trial for third degree assault.

Today, during the second day of his trial, we found out more information about what happened that night.

Two of Ensign's friends testified they went with Ensign to Jack Didley's to hang out.

They said while they were drinking, Ensign got in some kind of confrontation with a girl, then told his friends he just got kicked out.

"He comes back over and he says he just got kicked out. We're like 'why did you get kicked out?' and he's just 'we gotta go'. So he just started walking out. We didn't really get to ask him why he got kicked out" said Kyle Schauble, Ensign's friend.

Ensign left, but his friends stayed in the club for a while before they all left together.

But while they were walking to their car, they noticed Ensign wasn't with them anymore.

"What did you do when you realized that Ben wasn't with you?" asked Prosecuting Attorney Andy Miller.

"Then I went back to the bar and next thing I see Ben was on the ground" said Stephen Huang, Ensign's friend.

Video surveillance shows Ensign running to get back into the club, but he's stopped by Hibbard who grabs him at the door.

"He was struggling at first" said Daniel Peiffer, witness.

Another bouncer then came to help and grabbed Ensign's legs.

"Matt asked him if he was done struggling and he said yes" said Peiffer.

"Was he struggling at that time?" asked Miller.

"No" said Peiffer.

A few seconds later, Ensign was dropped on the ground.

He laid on the sidewalk until paramedics came to take him to a hospital a few minutes later.

Both prosecuting and defense attorneys agreed that Ensign's blood alcohol content that night was between .22 and .24.

The neurosurgeon who operated on Ensign after the incident also testified today.

He says Ensign was paralyzed when he arrived at the hospital, and had bruises on his brain.

Kennewick police officers say Hibbard was cooperative during their investigation.

The trial is expected to continue tomorrow.