A Gift for a Cancer Survivor

<p>Reva Rathjen and husband, Phil</p>

Reva Rathjen and husband, Phil

A Pasco woman who was battling breast cancer has received some much needed help around the house from a Tri-Cities cleaning service.  It is cleaning with meaning.

Reva Rathjen has been through a tumultuous few months.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer back in October, and within just one short week, she underwent a mastectomy.

It was her daughter, Teresa Carlson, who found the local cleaning company and the service was free of charge.

It may only be vacuuming, perhaps a little dusting, and some washing up.  But it makes a big difference for women like Rathjen, who says the cancer came as quite a shock.

"When you first hear it from the doctor that I had to go for a biopsy, that's when you think - it's devastating. And then when they tell you it's cancer, that's even worse," said Rathjen.

"It may seem simple, you know, someone to  come clean your home, but it's huge when you're faced with some dramatic and traumatic situations," said daughter Carlsen.
Dura-Shine Clean in Pasco has partnered with a national non-profit called 'Cleaning for a Reason' for more than six years, helping more than 200 families. Owner Carlos Martinez says providing free maid services to women with cancer is a great way to give back to his community.  

"It's women that are going through a tough time in their lives. So to be able to ease things up for them and help them out at a time of real need is something really special," said Martinez.

"It's just wonderful that somebody would offer this kind of service at this point. It's really helped us as a family," said Rathjen.

The family will receive two more service days over the next few months, and Rathjen says it's really given her piece of mind while she's recovering.  

She is also cancer-free today.

The non-profit Cleaning for a Reason has helped more than 12,000 women nationwide.