SuperBowl Brings In TV Buyers

<p>TV Town in Yakima</p>

TV Town in Yakima

We're just a few days from kickoff of the 47th Superbowl -- and its already a big win for electronic stores.

We met with Rick Berghoff, who has been debating where he should watch the Superbowl this weekend -- at a local sports bar, or at a relative's home.

But today, Berghoff decided, why not host his own Superbowl party?

"When you start talking to your friends; what are you gonna do? Some are going to bars or taverns," said Berghoff,  "You know, to be able to watch the tv inside your house with your friends on a nice big screen is really the way to do it."

Berghoff is not the only person who's made a last minute decision to buy a new television for the Superbowl this weekend.

For years, electronic store owners say their tv sales jump during the two weeks leading up to the big game.

"Last week was a very busy week for us, people getting the tv's ordered in so we can get them set up for Superbowl week," said Audio First & TV owner Greg Bemis, "Superbowl weekend is a holiday in it's own. It's very much like a Christmas or almost a Black Friday in our industry.

Rick Berghoff says he needs to do a little more research before he settles on which 60 inch TV he'll buy, but is confident his choice will impress his friends.

"They're gonna wanna come back next year," said Berghoff, "I think the focal point now for the sporting event is to have a bunch of people get together and enjoy the game."

Electronic stores also tell us they see an increase in sales days before NASCAR events, and at the beginning of the baseball season.