Washington Lawmaker Explains His Hefty Cell Phone Bill

<p>State Senator Jerome Delvin (R) 8th District</p>

State Senator Jerome Delvin (R) 8th District

During last year's legislative session that focused on budget troubles, Washington State Sen. Jerome Delvin racked up a cellphone bill that would make most users recoil: $309.21 in one month alone.

It wasn't out of the norm for Delvin, who submitted his costs for taxpayers to cover.

The Republican from Richland regularly posted cellphone bills surpassing $180 per month over the past two years, with some jumping much higher and one topping out at $382.75.

Delvin explains the bills by saying much of those costs were incurred because of long distance calls, many of them made when he was out of the area.

Records obtained by AP under public records laws show that a variety of lawmakers have consistently submitted hefty cellphone bills that stretched beyond the normal cost of even some of the most generous wireless plans.

Delvin conceded that he may need to reassess his plan and see if there's a cheaper option.