Nine Canyon Wind Project

<p>Renewable Energy Storage Technology</p>

Renewable Energy Storage Technology

Energy Northwest unveiled a new renewable battery energy storage technology.

It can function in several different ways, at night, the storage system can be watching the wind output and it can charge up and save that energy to use the following day at a time when electricity is used the most.

It can also help energy producers avoid costly fines due to over-production or under-production.

"One of the things that limit cost is limiting your peak consumption so to the extent that utilities move to that it provides an incentive to manage the way they use energy," said John Steigers, a project developer with Energy Northwest.

In the event that there is more wind and more solar power over the next few years, Steigers said we can all expect to see these energy trailers more often, hoping they will be of benefit to places like Costco, Winco and hospitals.         

The project started October 1st, 2012 and will continue through to September 30th, 2014, with a total project cost of $625,000.

The storage system arrived in Kennewick 1 month ago and will remain for another 6 months in Richland as they test it's efficiency.