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Air Conditioner Repairman

LeAnne Laton walks into her home in Selah, refreshed from the sweltering heat outside.

Just a few hours ago, her house was a sauna, after her air conditioner unit blew a capacitor late last night.

"It was muggy, and a little hard to breathe, just too warm to get comfortable," said Laton, "Mainly, it was just stuffy."

Technician Paul Wyatt spent his day repairing Laton's A/C, the first of many calls that's kept him and his co-workers on their heels for the past few days.

During the Summer season, technicians receive about 4 to 5 maintenance calls a day, however, over the past few days, they've received about 10 to 12.

Most of those calls being about broken air conditioners; we asked them what can people do to prevent those breakdowns.

"Maintenance; have us come out and check your air conditioner in the Spring," said Wyatt, "That helps prevent problems when it gets hot like this."

You can also take a hose, and wash your machine regularly, to keep any dust or cobwebs from settling in.

And if you're considering purchasing a portable A/C unit, it's not too late; many stores are stocking up on units, expecting them to fly off the shelves in the upcoming days.

"Usually it gets to a point where people don't buy one unless they absolutely need one," said Roy's ACE Hardware owner, Brad Christianson, "Of course we run the same thing in the snowfall too; people don't buy a snow shovel until it's 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground."

For LeAnne Laton, there's no waiting for air conditioning in this heatwave.

"When it quit working, you realize how fortunate we are to live in a day and age where we have air conditioners," said Laton.