Working in the Heat

<p>Working in the Heat</p>

Working in the Heat

If you've taken a step outside today, it's no surprise that it's hot.

That doesn't change the fact that workers still have to get out there and do their jobs, 105° and all.

One construction worker explained the feeling.

"It's miserable but you've got to deal with it, gotta get a paycheck," said Clayton Daer, a construction worker in Kennewick.

That paycheck may be the only thing worth dealing with the sun's intense rays.

A golf course superintendent whose job also consists of outdoor manual labor gives his set of advice on how to work through the heat.

"I'd say drink lots of water and take lots of breaks," said Kim Brock of Canyon Lakes Golf Course. "Find shade when you can and put lots of sunscreen on."

Although the job must go on, employers do understand the difficult conditions and they do their best to make sure their employees stay hydrated and out of the sun as often as possible.

"We tell them to drink lots of water, put sunscreen on and they get a few more breaks when it's really hot than they normally do," said Mike Lundgren, general manager at Canyon Lakes Golf Course.

Water is key and taking it a bit easier than usual can help.

Bringing home the bacon is important but staying healthy and not feeling like a crispy piece of bacon is crucial.

We are nearing the end of the day and these workers can luckily go home soon.

With temperatures cooling down over the next few days, they may hopefully have a bit of an easier work week.