Tashia Stuart Found Guilty

<p>Judy Hebert Photo</p>

Judy Hebert Photo

<p>Tashia Stuart</p>

Tashia Stuart

Tashia Stuart is convicted of murdering her adoptive mother Judy Hebert in Pasco back in 2011.

She was found guilty on both counts of murder in the first degree, and attempted murder in the first degree.

An emotional day in the courtroom for the supporters of the victim, Judy Hebert.

They were seen hugging and crying shortly after the verdict was read, each stating a sense of relief.

"To have to relive it continually... it's been extremely difficult and this feels like an end point. Maybe now we can pick our life up and finally move forward," said Rolfe Hebert, Judy's ex-husband.

"It felt like a giant weight was lifted after waiting for a couple of years for this to happen - this is a big deal for all of us," said neighbor and friend, Ryan Van Rhodes.

Prosecutor Shawn Sant says he feels justice was served in the courtroom.

Sant says family may get to speak on behalf of Hebert at the sentencing, "I'd like to give the chance for the families. If they want to speak in court or if they want to write a letter for the courts, that's when they can."

For now, Hebert's family and friends are concentrating on who she was and what she meant to them.

"She used to make me and my kids pies, and come over for the holidays and things like that. She was a sweet old lady and I really miss her," said Van Rhodes.

"To know her was to love her. Literally. She was very down to earth. She was such a caring kind person. If you knew Judy at all, you'd know, she was a darling and didn't deserve any of this," said Rolfe Hebert.

There are also some special aggravated circumstances on the murder one charge.     

Stuart was found guilty of being armed with a firearm, and the crime of domestic violence, both of which allow the proseuction to argue for an exceptional sentence.

And that means more time behind bars for Stuart.

The minimum she faces is fifteen to twenty years, the maximum could be life in prison without the chance of parole.

No sentencing date has been set.

Calls to defense attorney Bob Thompson's office were not returned.