Citizens sought for November election Pro/Con Committees in Pasco

Washington law requires that a jurisdiction placing a measure on the ballot (or where a citizens’ petition qualifies for a measure to be placed on the ballot), must file a resolution with the County Auditor and appoint members to pro and con committees who are willing to write statements for the voters’ pamphlet.

Pursuant to petitions filed with and certified by the Franklin County Auditor, the Pasco City Council anticipates adoption of resolutions placing two ballot measures on the November 5, 2013 General Election Ballot. The first measure provides for changing the form of city government from a Council/Manager form (where a City Manager is appointed by the elected City Council to be the chief administrative officer of the City) to a Mayor/Council form (where a citizen is elected to be the chief administrative officer/Mayor). The second measure provides for reduction of the City limits by exclusion of two areas annexed into the City effective January 2013 (Area 2) and May 2009 (Road 76 and Court Street).

The Pasco City Council invites citizens interested in serving on a committee either in favor (pro) or opposed (con) to either of the proposed measures, to submit an application by no later than 12:00 pm (noon) on Wednesday, July 17, 2013. The application is available on this website via the link below or, to request an application be mailed, please call 545-3404.

The City Council may appoint up to three persons to serve on each committee for each measure.

The Council will give preference to registered voters residing within the City and will attempt to provide geographic representation from within the City in so far as feasible.

Click here for an application.