Camp Patriot Fun Run

<p>Camp Patriot Fun Run</p>

Camp Patriot Fun Run

It's the time of year where people across the country pull out their red, white and blue everything to saulte our country and our troops.

What better way to celebrate than a Fun Run among our local vets?

Two injured vets who served in the last 10 years said this race means the world to them.

Joshua Elliott lost both of his legs and some fingers on his left hand in Afghanistan

"This is my race, it first started the year I got injured. The next year my family ran it with support Josh t-shirts on. This year I'm running it myself, so it's more than a race, it's a road to recovery," said Elliott.

Stuart Mckenzie got part of his hand blown off, but they both say they wouldn't miss this race for anything.

"I mean it's amazing to see what he's done, I've been running with him this whole time, it's inspirational, I'm proud to be here," said Mckenzie.

 Another local vet says she's here with a purpose.  

"I think that it's a great cause in support of the veterans, I'm a vteran and I think any opportunity to recognize the sacrifice and the service of today's and yesterday's service members is a great cause to get out and do something and be active in the community," said Veteran Lauren Pena.

A long time vet who served during the Vietnam era said serving in the miltary gave him a better perspective on life.

"At the time, there was a lot of protesting and there were a lot of young people going to Canada and dodging the draft. I guess for me, serving made me realize how great this country was," said Veteran Romar Swarner.

The race that took place in the Pasco Softball Complex is Camp Patriot's 4th annual Fun Run.