City of Richland Performs Electrical Upgrades Using Implosion Sleeve Connector

As part of a continuing effort to provide high quality, reliable service to our customers, Richland Energy Services is upgrading an electrical substation off Robertson Drive and SR240. The high voltage transmission lines in the area will be reworked, and this will require a contractor to install splices on the line using an implosive sleeve product. The splices made by the implosive sleeve product fuse the wires and makes a better connection which will have a longer operational life and improved reliability. The controlled detonation will be roughly 140dB, about the same as a shotgun or large firework, and will be audible for a short distance in the area of the substation.

There will be three splices installed at once. The detonations are scheduled for the late morning of July 9th, but could occur at another time during the week if operations change.

A trained and licensed contractor will be the person responsible for storing, transporting, and installing the splices.