Fraud case leads to recovery of stolen car in Kennewick

Kennewick Police officers responding to Target regarding a report of a couple attempting to purchase items with a suspected stolen credit turned up much more in their investigation on Sunday.

When officers arrived, they watched the two suspects, 38-year-old Roger Thompson and 33-year-old Kerry Jo Turner, selecting items throughout the store.  Both had already attempted to pay for a shopping cart full of items, however, told the clerk they couldn't remember the PIN number for the card.  Instead of leaving, they continued to shop.

While officers attempted to verify that the card used was indeed stolen, Thompson was seen dumping the credit cards.  Both he and Turner were contacted and detained inside the store.

Officers determined that both were in possession of stolen cards and identification belonging to a woman in Union Gap.  Further investigation revealed the two had arrived in a stolen 1999 BMW from Seattle, which had license plates that had been switched.

Both Thompson and Turner had various warrants and have been booked for possession of stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property and the warrants.