Salvation Army Food Distribution

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Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is holding it's weekly food and clothing distribution today, giving boxes of groceries to families in need.

Franklin County's Salvation Army located on N. 4th Ave. in Pasco distributes food twice a week to local familes.

The food bank has been experiencing a larger than expected demand for food services, reaching record numbers.

Last month, they had 150 more families in need than June of last year.  

They do the best they can with donations from the community and it makes all the difference for families in need.

"It helps us out now that we barely moved down here and we're in disability so that helps us quite a bit," said Maria Garcia of Pasco.

 A family of 6 or less can receives 1 box and those with 7 or more can get 2 boxes.  

Each family is allowed 1 box every 30 days and they must verify they live in Franklin County.