Tri-Cities Fever Finished?


Has the final gun sounded for the Tri-Cities Fever?  Owner Teri Carr is currently in the midst of deciding whether or not the team will operate again in 2014.

Carr, who along with her husband, J.R., owned the team when it began in 2005 and bought it back and ran it for the last four years admits that the team loses money every year, and says she is hoping to get closer to breaking even.  The team averaged about 2,800 fans per game, but would need 4,200 per game to break even.

Carr says she will make a decision by Monday and that the bottom line is really very simple.

"We're considering shutting the franchise down because every year we lose a substantial amound of money, and at some point we have to evaluate whether it is worth it to enough of the community to continue to do that," Carr adds.

Fever Coach Adam Shackleford told Your Local ABC today the following: "I support the Carrs 100% -- they along with my players the past four years have given so much to this community.  It would be a shame for it to go away.  At the end of the day this is a business and as a coach I am preparing for the decision to go either way."