Diabetes Day Camp

<p>Diabetes Day Camp</p>

Diabetes Day Camp

Kennewick General Hospital is holding their 2nd Annual Tri-Cities' Diabetes Day Camp for children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

The camp began as a way to teach kids about diabetes using hands-on activities , educational sessions and outdoor fun.

This year's theme is "Fear Factor," as a way to promote the kids to overcome fears about a diabetes diagnosis.

"It makes me feel a little more comfortable that I have diabetes," said Luke Liebert, diagnosed with type one diabetes. "Diabetes cannot stop you...from anything."

Liebert is one of 34 children in the camp this year, they all range from ages 7 to 18.

There is a differentce between type one and type two diabetes. Type one is an auto-immune disease while type two can be developed later in life.

According to the National Institues of Health, in order to reduce the risk of type two diabetes in children, parents should have them maintain a healthy weight, be sure they are physically active and limit their time in front of the T.V. and computer.