Fluor Corporation to cut down Richland workforce by 90%



One of Hanford's subcontractors - Fluor Corporation, is cutting its workforce in Richland by about 90%.

Right now, about 200 employees work at Fluor in Richland.

But after these layoffs take place and some people are relocated, there will only be between 15 and 20 people working at the Richland office.

A spokesperson with Fluor Corporation says there are two unrelated reasons for the employee cutbacks.

First: Hanford contractor, CH2M Hill is ending its subcontract with Fluor to do work at the hazardous site.

About 100 employees will lose their jobs because of that.

Second: Fluor is moving its payroll, IT and other support services to its other offices in Texas and South Carolina to increase company efficiency.

Between 30 and 40 employees in Richland may be offered relocation packages.

But another 40 - 50 employees will lose their jobs without being offered other employment opportunities, leaving about 15 - 20 people still with work to do at the Richland office.

"Anytime you make a decision that impacts employees, that's an important one for us. We understand the impact it does have. We've had a rich history of working in the Tri-Cities, and we're gonna continue to be here and be involved, albeit in a reduced capacity" said Keith Stephens, Fluor Corporation company spokesperson.

The 100 or so workers who will lose their jobs at Fluor because of CH2M Hill ending its contract with the corporation will be able to re-apply for their jobs with CH2M Hill.

All these changes are expected to take place over the next several months.