Investigators Search Home for Clues in Larry Riegel Case

Investigators from the Yakima Police Department search through two residences today for any clues in the case of Larry Riegel.

Police executed a search warrant at two properties -- one in Yakima, where Riegel lived with his girlfriend, and another in Moxee.

The search came after an investigator was able to establish enough probable cause to secure a search warrant.

Officers spent the day searching for evidence that might lead to the whereabouts of Riegel, who went missing in 2009.

We spoke with Riegel's mother, who hopes the search turns up any kind of information about her son.

"You go by a river, you wonder if he's in that, you go anywhere out on the reservation, you wonder if he's out there," said Cecelia Downey, "If you just knew a little bit of how he died, why he died, what they did to him, if he suffered, just the normal things that person would want to know."

Police say investigators will remain on the property as long as they need to -- anyone with information about Larry Riegel is asked to contact Yakima Police.