Tri-Cities Fever owner to lower ticket prices for 2014 season

<p>Fever vs. Cavalry</p>

Fever vs. Cavalry

After nearly two months of going back and forth between shutting down the Tri-Cities Fever, and keeping the team alive, owner Teri Carr has decided to keep the team on the field.

"The Fever are gonna play in 2014, they are playing" said Carr.

The indoor football team has been losing money because not enough people come to the games.

The team averages about 2,800 fans each game, but it needs 4,200 people to break even.

After asking for the public's input on the financial dilemma, Carr decided to lower ticket prices across the board, lower merchandise prices and bundle concession and ticket packages - all with hopes of getting more people to the games.

"I think that was what the overwhelming feedback from people who don't come to games, that was what it was. We need to be able to afford for our family of four to be able to come to a game" said Carr.

Many Fever fans say they are relieved the team will return to the field.

"I have to do my part and go more frequently because I think it's great for our community to have these sports" said Deanna Lomax, who has been to several Fever games.

But others say even with lower ticket prices, they don't plan to come to any games.

"Ticket price doesn't seem to have an affect for me. It's just a matter of whether you enjoy the game or not" said Rick Hamman, who has never been to a Fever game.

In fact, some people we spoke with told us they don't know anything about the Tri-Cities Fever.

"Never heard of 'em" said John Fitzhugh, Richland resident.

Fitzhugh, who has lived in the Tri-Cities for nearly two years, believes the team should improve its outreach efforts, so football fans like himself are made more aware of the team.

"I would certainly enjoy it if I would've known about it before hand, I would have been to some games" said Fitzhugh.

Carr says after receiving so much support and suggestions for improvements, she's feeling re-energized, and hopeful that the team will stay on the field for years to come.

"You know what that old saying is, if you keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, you're gonna get the same result. So we're gonna change things and hopefully we get a different result, and hopefully, it's positive" said Carr.

Carr tells us she has also found some other ways to cut the budget.

She is looking at making some changes to some of the promotions during the game.

Carr does not know exactly how much cheaper the tickets will be yet.