Milton-Freewater Issue Solved

<p>Milton-Freewater Stores</p>

Milton-Freewater Stores

An issue that began last year between local business owners and the city of Milton-Freewater is now resolved, according to the city manager.

Residents had submitted complaints that store owners on Main St. had too much merchandise in front of their stores, blocking the sidewalks.

According to City Manager Linda Hall, there hasn't been a code violation for some time now.

Hall says the city sent a notice to one of the businesses last year asking they stay within the city code and leave four feet of walking room for pedestrians to get through.

The stores on Main St. brought some merchandise inside to meet the code and still have a few items outside to attract customers.

"All  I've tried to do is help reviatavlize the city and bring people from Walla Walla and what it takes to do that in this business is to put things out of the street," said Tim Halseth, owner of Blue Mountain Treasures. 

The store owners mentioned residents never complained directly to them, and they said if there are any more issues, they hope locals can let them know in order to find a neighborly resolution.

"Of course we are always cognisant of the safety of out citizens and guests here but we also pride ourselves in being user-friendly for businesses and are certainly encouraging folks to locate their businesses here," said Hall.

The city council did go over the code again in a meeting in may, to remind business owners.

The city has had no issues recently, they haven't had to send out any warnings or citations.