Crews complete parking lot renovation at Boardman marina

The city of Boardman is celebrating the completion of a month-long project to renovate the parking lot at the city's RV and marina park.

The old pavement was installed in the early 1970s.

Crews say the pavement was cracked and crumbling apart.

The renovation cost $211,000, and the Oregon State Marine Board helped pay for more than 75% of that cost.

Crews say the new parking lot is safer and much nicer to look at.

"Since we had so many cracks in it, we needed to re-do that, put in a nice overlay. So hopefully, it will last another 40 years" said Ted Lieurance, Boardman Parks and Recreation Department.

There are spaces for more than 50 boats and more than 20 cars at the parking lot.

City employees say every weekend, the park is packed with people.