Seattle Seahawks in the Tri-Cities

<p>WR Doug Baldwin</p>

WR Doug Baldwin

<p>CB Brandon Browner</p>

CB Brandon Browner

<p>12th Man Rally</p>

12th Man Rally

<p>12th Man Rally</p>

12th Man Rally

The Seattle Seahawks are rated number one in the NFL power rankings... and they came to give their fans a little taste of the green and blue in the Tri-Cities tonight.

Hundreds gathered in excitement at The Pub in Kennewick, where the heat inside was much more intense the 100 degree temperatures outside.

The Seahawks honor their fans with the 12th Man Rally - 11 players on the team, the 12th man being the fans.

Seahawks Corner Backs Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman, along with Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin signed autographs, did some Q & A with the fans, and held a memorabilia raffle.

Baldwin said seeing the fans in real life, up close and personal, just adds to the magic of the season... "It's phenomenal. We take it for granted sometimes how important the 12th Man is, the fan base we have in Seattle, but for us to be able to come over to Kennewick and spend some time with the fans, that's unreal!"

Kennewick resident and longtime Seahawk fan Garrett Parker said, "on a scale of one to 10 this is like Disneyland when I was like two - Go Hawks!"

The guys will still be in town tomorrow at the Gatorade Jr. Training Camp at Lampson Stadium on South Garfield Street.

More than 230 campers ages 7-14 will take part in the free two-hour clinic focusing on self-improvement and a motivational life-skills session.