CBC Bomb Threat Follow-Up

<p>Mary MonDragon</p>

Mary MonDragon

<p>Jose Oseguera</p>

Jose Oseguera

<p>CBC Bomb Threat</p>

CBC Bomb Threat

Columbia Basin College campuses are back to normal today after a bomb threat forced the cancellation of classes and the evacuation of all campuses yesterday.

Students and staff returned to a regular Friday schedule this morning, following multiple phone calls about a bomb threat yesterday.

Within minutes of those calls, staff and students were evacuated from both the Richland and Pasco campuses, with police conducting sweeps for explosive devices. They didn't find anything.

Student Mary Mondragon says she felt scared when she first found out about the threat.  "I didn't know if it was real or fake, so the thought of an actual a bomb... that just made you think."

"It screws up everybody's plans and all their work. The whole thing was really childish you know... to call a bomb threat. I mean this is college, not high school," said student Jose Oseguera.

CBC President Rich Cummins says the incident has cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the college will be seeking restitution.

Pasco Police Captain Jim Raymond says he believes all the bomb threat phone calls to the campus were made by the same person.

Officers are investigating several leads.