Crews start setting up for hydro races

<p>Setting Up Fences</p>

Setting Up Fences

We're just one week away from the start of the boat race weekend in the Tri-Cities, and crews are getting ready for the big event.

Workers started putting up fences, dumpsters and porta-potties today at Columbia Park.

Crews say they're setting up about 3,000 feet of fencing today - but in total, they expect to put up 22,000 feet of fencing throughout the park by next weekend.

Workers say they'll be out there every day in the heat until Friday.

"So much work and it's really hot out here so just stay hydrated. From about 5 in the morning, till 5, 6 at night" said Gavin Hess, State Wide Rent A Fence.

"Is it all worth it?" we asked.

"Yeah, when the paycheck comes it's worth it" laughed Hess.

Survey crews will also be out on the water over the weekend.

They'll be anchoring down the buoys for the race track.

Race organizers say if you're out on the water, don't touch the buoys.