Bladderpod not Endangered

<p>Bladderpod not Endangered</p>

Bladderpod not Endangered

Franklin County Commissioner Brad Peck and other agricultural and environmental leaders have some very good news for farmers in Franklin County.

They annouced new DNA tests on the White Bluffs Bladderpod plant showed it is the same as other Bladderpod plants in numerous locations, meaning it is not an endangered species.

They're hoping that more than 400 acres in Franklin County will not need to be turned over to the Federal Government in order to protect the plant.

It was an emotional announcement today; many farmers are relieved they might be able to keep their land.

"My property is 3 generation, my father homsteaded it and it means a lot to me," said Sally Cottrell, a Franklin County resident. "It's not the government's porperty, it's my property and the goverment has no right to cease it."

The research will be submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and a member of the Washington Agricultural Legal Foundation sayidthey are prepared to take legal action if the DNA results are not taken into consideration.