Man Dead Following Stabbing At CWU Campus

<p>CWU Police</p>

CWU Police

Every day, students pass through the O5 parking lot to get to campus, it's one of the shortcuts to CWU's Farrell Hall.

Kyle Featherstone says he was on his way home Saturday night when he passed by the parking lot, and spotted something unusual.

"[there were] Police cars and crime scene tape, the whole place was all blocked off," said Featherstone, "And there were paramedics running through it."

Police say Hector Mejia-Villa was found just before 11 p.m. with multiple stab wounds, he was taken to a local Ellensburg hospital, where he later died.

The school says Mejia-Villa was not an employee or student at the university; that leaves officers trying to piece together what events led to his stabbing.

"It shouldn't be happening near these campuses, it shouldn't be happening on them," said Jeffrey Olson, "These are safezones for our kids to be learning, these are learning zones."

Since the incident did happen on school property, the case does go to the university police department, which tells us there are rarely cases like this, especially so close to the university.

"Murders and manslaughters, those columns are filled with goose eggs," said CWU Public Affairs Director Linda Schactler, "It just never happens, so this is still one of the safest campuses anywhere in the U.S."

However, with the suspect still on the loose, students like Kyle Featherstone may have to think twice about which route they take to and from campus.

"This definitely calls it into question," said Featherstone, "I mean how safe are you, even in a small town like Ellensburg?"

The Central Washington University police are recieving help on the case from the county sheriff, state patrol, and city police.

The Kittitas County Coroner says they are still working to schedule an autopsy for Mejia-Villa.