Cherry Harvest Season Wraps Up

<p>Damaged Cherries</p>

Damaged Cherries

Farmers in our region are breathing a sigh of relief as cherry harvesting season comes to a close.

As we told you over the past few months, local farmers expected large losses in their cherry crop due to the unpredicatble weather.

Most farmers we spoke to over the past few weeks reported crop sizes at around 50 to 60 percent, even some as low as 40 percent.

One local farmer says he hopes next season's crop will help offset this season's.

"Growing cherries is risky," said Bert Pence, "If there's a crop that's not going to produce every year it's cherries; it's just part of the deal with them. The saying is something like, 'don't grow any more cherries than you can afford to lose.'"

Pence says his workers are currently working on harvesting this season's peach crop.