Sacajawea Apt. Tenants Must Leave Immediately

<p>Moving Out?</p>

Moving Out?

Residents of the Sacajawea Apartments in Pasco are receiving more bad news after surviving a weekend fire.

Tenants are being told by the building's owner to get their stuff and leave immediately.

The electricity is out, the walls are charred, the floors are soaking wet and poor air quality requires you to wear a mask in order to breath.

It is a challenge getting through the Sacajawea Apartment building following this weekend's fire.

But tenants had to do their best and make their way through in order to obtain their belongings.

Antonio and Melissa are packing up whatever will fit into their friend's car and now they're looking for a place to stay.

"We'll be on the streets and what about all of our stuff that's up there?" said Antonio, a displaced resident.

"We have children," said Melissa, another displaced resident. "The ones that have little children, what are they going to do? I don't think it's right."

"People are frantic, they don't know where they're going to go," said Billie Vinson, the building manager. "They don't know how long Red Cross is going to step in and stay involved."

Some tenants tell us they want the buiulding owner to pay for motels to stay in but not all feel that way.

"The only thing the owner can get blamed for is being a generous person and hooking people back up with rent," said Michael Woodall, a displaced tenant. "Before she even gets her insurance policy on this thing. She's not going to get paid until they do their inspection, she's being nice and coming out here and giving us our money back."

The building owner has been outside the apartment most of the day returning deposit checks and 12 days of rent, hoping that helps tenants find a new place.

She says the building is simply not safe to live in.

"The city never said they're condemning the building," said Linda Guo, the building owner. "We certainly hope we can rebuild and restore it to the original condition so people can still live here."

 More than 40 displaced residents remain at Pasco High School at a Red Cross shelter.