Umatilla School Board considers random drug testing

The Umatilla School Board is considering a new drug testing policy that could include random drug tests for students involved in extra-curricular activities.

District leaders say drugs are not a big problem at Umatilla High School - they say in the past five years, there have been a total of five incidents involving illegal drugs at the school.

Administrators say the proposal is being considered as a preventative measure for students.

Right now, the district does not require drug tests, but administrators do provide drug test kits for parents who want to use them.

Many parents and community members in Umatilla tell us they agree with the proposal, and say students involved in extra-curricular activities like sports, should be tested.

"Especially if they're an athlete because they're supposed to be a role model for all the younger kids in the school" said Jessica Bursell, Umatilla resident.

"If any of these kids were anything like me when I was their age, I was dumb enough to let anybody try something on me. So if we can put a deterrent out there, it'd be great" said Penny Simmonds, Umatilla resident.

This proposal is far from a done deal.

The school board is not expected to make any decision on the proposal for a few months.

In the mean time, the school district is looking for public feedback.

You can take a survey about the proposed policy here.