Chief for a Day in Walla Walla

<p>WW Area Crime Watch</p>

WW Area Crime Watch

Walla Walla Area Crime Watch (WWACW), a non-profit organization that supports crime prevention in the Walla Walla Valley, is hosting the “Chief for a Day” event during National Night Out at Pioneer Park.

WWACW has co-hosted the award-winning National Night Out program for the past 6 years.

This is the 3rd year that Walla Walla Area Crime Watch has sponsored “Chief for a Day” during the evening celebration.

“Chief for a Day” is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of children living in our community who have a disability or chronic health condition.

Walla Walla Area Crime Watch has selected 8 children from our area to serve as “Chief for a Day”. The children are from grades 4-9.

The kids will start the event by riding in emergency services vehicles in a parade from Fire Station 2 to Pioneer Park.

They will each be outfitted in their own special uniform of their agency.

Once they arrive at the park, the Washington State Penitentiary Honor Guard will lead the “Chiefs” to the swearing-in ceremony, where they will take the oath of office administered by the Honorable Judge Donald W. Schacht – Retired.

The public is welcome to join in the event, and help cheer for these local kids as they celebrate their special day.

For more information and to watch a slide show of last year’s event, please check out the Walla Walla Area Crime Watch web site and view the gallery page.

What: Chief for a Day, Swearing in Ceremony
Where: Pioneer Park
When: 5 – 7:30 PM, August 6th, National Night Out (NNO) at Pioneer Park