Mile Marker 28 Fire Inching Towards Bickleton

<p>Mile Marker 28 Fire Near Bickleton</p>

Mile Marker 28 Fire Near Bickleton

Anticipation and fear hovers over Bickleton like a thick cloud of smoke.

The Mile Marker 28 Fire has raged for a week, and it's now on Bickleton's doorstep.

"We're all just on pins and needles, hoping they can get it contained," said resident Margaret Carlsen, "I'm afraid I'm going to lose everything; my home, everything I own is up here, and I'd have to start over again."

The majority of the town is in stage 1 evacuation - those living closer to the fire are in stage 2, and they must be ready to leave at a moments notice.

"I keep hearing different things about where it's at and what it's doing, how they're going to get it contained and everything," said Carlsen, "Yet, I can look out my back door and I can see it getting closer, and closer, and closer."

Over 35 square miles of land has burned.

Crews say the fire is about 10 miles from the town, over 1,300 men and women are fighting to make sure it doesn't come any closer.

"They've got a lot of equipment back there, and all of us that live close have been watering down our property," said resident Holly Harvey, "I don't think that they're going to let it get too close to residents."

With time running out, firefighters hope to have a perimeter set up within the next 48 hours -- before it reaches the town's population of 300.

Margaret carlsen
"We'd probably lose our town," said Carlsen, "I don't know if we could start over again because it's so small, we're so far out there that it would take too much to rebuild it."