Walla Walla House Fire

<p>Walla Walla House Fire</p>

Walla Walla House Fire

It started out a normal morning for Ky Janson until a friend came running in his door telling him there was a fire just outside the house.

Janson got onto to his front lawn and saw the house across the street was in flames.

He then saw his neighbor jump from the window to escape to the fire.

"This guy rolled out from the window and fell on the floor, he was crying because his mom was in the house," said Janson. "I was really worried, I felt like she died, he felt like she died. He was laying on the ground in fetal position."

Janson said his crying neighbor was in his mid 20's.

The mother the victim was crying for was rescued from the building and flown to Providence Saint Mary's Medical Center in Spokane.

The initial 9-1-1 call made by a man mowing a lawn down the street came in at 9:15 a.m., he ran over to the house to warn those inside.

"I went in and kicked in the front door and started screamng inside," said Heath Snider. "The kid was in the upper window and asked me how to get down and I told him to go through the window."

Snider said firefighters quickly arrived to the scene and the fire was put out within 15 minutes.

There is no word yet on what caused the fire, it is still under investigation.

This afternoon firefighters began cleaning out the house, removing items that fell into the living room and trying to put things in their original place in order to better determine where the fire could have started.