Pendleton man flies American flag upside-down

<p>Upside-Down Flag</p>

Upside-Down Flag

A Pendleton man who believes the country is in distress is letting his community know, by flying an American flag upside-down outside his home.

71 year-old Larry Taylor is flying the American flag upside-down because he has some concerns with President Obama.

He says the president is a "communist Muslim", and he believes his policies are un-American.

Taylor, who is an Air Force veteran, started flying the flag upside down about a month ago.

He believes President Obama has put the country's troops in danger.

He says he is flying the flag upside-down to get people's attention, so they can look into these issues.

Taylor did not want to speak on camera, but his grandson James Koehler, did.

He tells us people are noticing the upside-down flag, and some are calling the shop right in front of Taylor's house with questions.

"He did it to inform people, get people thinking, and we've had about two dozen people or so call and ask about it, and not one single person knew what it actually meant. And we inform them, and they're like, oh, I did not know that" said Koehler.

"He has his right to his opinion. I wouldn't fly mine upside-down, but that's his opinion to do that, and I find nothing wrong with it now" said Cindy Brown, Pendleton resident.

Taylor has plans to take the upside-down flag down, but it may not be for a while.

He says the flag will come down either when he dies, or when President Obama leaves office - whichever comes first.