Zillah Middle School Hosts Full Active Shooter Response Drill

<p>Active Shooter Drill</p>

Active Shooter Drill

Stacey Burge is a 4th grade elementary school teacher in Zillah, but today, she's a casualty at the middle school.

Burge, along with more than 70 other volunteers, is taking part in a full response active shooter drill.

"We do our own drills at school, but not to this extent," said Burge, "I think it's important to actually have the police involved, and to hear certain situations of what happens. It just makes it more real."

First responders from Selah to Granger took part in today's simulation, which theoretically involved multiple shooters.

As with any active shooter drill, the key to todays simulation was to work on neutralizing or apprehending the suspects, while allowing medical teams to safely evacuate hostages or those who were wounded.

Coordinators say this is the first full scale excercise done in the Lower Valley, and should be a more common occurrence in order to help educators and local law enforcement become a more cohesive unit.

"That is probably one of the better things that will come out of this excercise; is that people will see each other, they'll know each other, they'll understand each other," said County Emergency Director, Jim Hall, "And when or if a real event does happen, they'll be much better at what they do. "

"It gives us a better insight of what they do, and what we should do also," said Burge, "Because we've been trying to do as much as we can to protect the students and everybody."