Firefighters say model rocket started fire off Clodfelter Rd.

Firefighters say a hobbyist playing with a model rocket caused yesterday's brush fire in Kennewick.

The large fire burned nearly 1,000 acres along Clodfelter Road, near I-82.

Flames came dangerously close to several homes in the area, but no homes were damaged.

The fire destroyed several fences, but there were no injuries.

Firefighters say the fire spread quickly because of the dry conditions and strong winds.

"It was a hobbyist that builds model rockets and the model fired off and it landed in an open field. I'm not sure if something malfunctioned on it. I'm not sure exactly what happened" said Devin Helland, Benton County Fire District #1.

Helland says it is unclear whether the person responsible for starting the fire will face any charges.