Oil Causes Late Night Fire, Forces Closure of Two Shops

<p>Gepettos Fire</p>

Gepettos Fire

Two businesses in Yakima may be closed for some time after an accidental fire erupts late last night.

Firefighters say a fire started around midnight at Gepetto's Bistro, which spread to the Shopkeeper -- both businesses share the same building.

Crews were able to knock down the flames within an hour, however, the building had already sustained major smoke and water damage.

One business owner next door says it is sad to see both shops closed, after being around for so many years.

"it's sad to see that happen, it's sad to see it happen to any business," said Flower Garden Owner Robert Mitchell, "Because you can't replace all the work that you put into it. And being closed will always hurt any business. No matter what it is, it hurts your business."

Investigators say the fire was caused by a dryer spontaneously igniting from traces of oil -- damage is estimated at about $1.2 million.