Richland School Board Votes to put Portable at White Bluffs Elementary

<p>Richland School Board</p>

Richland School Board

The Richland School Board votes in favor of adding a double wide portable classroom to an elementary school campus to ease student overcrowding.

Parents, teachers and students who attended the meeting today say they were thrilled with the decision.

It took the board members nearly an hour to pass the motion, and after they did, parents really showed their excitement.

The final vote was three board members to two.

At the beginning of the meeting, it was two to two and the fifth member was undecided.

But after a few people in the audience spoke in favor of the portable classroom at White Bluffs Elementary School, the board came to its decision.

District employees believe the portable classroom will help solve the student overcrowding problem in first and fifth grade classes for the next two years.

"I'm very, very excited. I was actually a little diappointed in the board that it was such a big decision for them to make. I think it would've been one thing if there wasn't a solution available, but because there was a solution and there was that much difficulty I think that's a problem," said Jill Oldson, parent.

The school's capacity is 749 students, but more than 800 students are enrolled in the school right now.

The portable is going to come from Richland High School and will be up and ready for students by the fall.