Officer Involved Shooting in Kennewick

A Kennewick police officer is on paid administrative leave after shooting a Kennewick man who pulled a gun on him earlier this morning, according to police.

Officers say just before 8 AM, the suspect, 26 year-old Dennis Skellenger, originally tried to return items that were purchased with a stolen credit card to the Auto Zone on 4th Avenue.

Employees at Auto Zone called 911.

Skellenger then led police on a short chase to the Horse Heaven Hills area, where a K-9 unit found him hiding in a piece of construction equipment.

Police say Skellenger pulled out a revolver, but officer Jeremy Taylor shot Skellenger in the chest to stop him.

"The officer's actions were in this case, were totally dictated by the suspect's actions. Officer Taylor was confronted with an immediate threat, and he responded according to the way that he's trained. From all indications that I've had from the initial briefing, throughout the briefings that I've had throughout the day, have indicated that officer Taylor acted within our department's policies as well within state law" said Chief Ken Hohenberg, Kennewick Police Department.

Skellenger was taken to Kennewick General Hospital.

Police say Skellener has had 169 run-ins with police since 2000.

Officer Taylor has been working for the Kennewick Police Department for more than six years.

A special investigative team is now investigating the incident.