Learning From The Pros

<p>Nate Robinson</p>

Nate Robinson

Hundreds of kids in Yakima are spending the next few days learning basketball fundamentals from the pros.

NBA point guards Nate Robinson and Isaiah Thomas are hosting their annual Little Big Man Camp at A.C. Davis High School -- today, kids were coached by the Chicago Bulls guard.

Kids will get the chance to learn skills in every aspect of basketball -- including, dribbling, shooting, and footwork.

We also spoke to Robinson about game 6 of the NBA Finals -- who expects the Heat to win tomorrow's game, and force a game 7.

"For the heat, it's a must-win for them," said Robinson, "San Antonio's in a good spot, but how the game's been going, San Antonio wins, Miami would win. They've been back and forth. Whoever can win two in a row is going to be going home victorious with that championship."

The Little Big Man Camp runs through Wednesday, Isaiah Thomas is expected to join tomorrow.