Pasco Woman Needs Your Help

<p>Ms. Virginia Crippen</p>

Ms. Virginia Crippen

A 93-year-old Pasco woman who has been helping people in her community for decades is now getting some much needed assistance herself.

Virginia Crippen is in danger of losing her home, but the local gospel mission is lending a hand, trying to prevent it.
Miss Virginia, as she's known throughout the community may be 93, but she's still a portrait of positive energy.

A national company is refusing to renew her home insurance unless the roof of her detached garage is fixed, and parts of her home are re-painted.

But Miss Viriginia spent years volunteering at the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission helping the less fortunate, and now the mission is offering her a helping hand.

"Never get discouraged because help is on the way," said Crippen.

She has lived in Pasco since 1948, and in her current home for more than 35 years. She says she's not leaving any time soon.

"I really didn't go to school - I just passed by - but I know how to pay my bills," said Crippen.    

A letter from a national insurance company recently arrived. For her policy to remain in effect her garage roof must be fixed and other repairs to the home made.

It'll cost about $1,500 but for a senior who is not mobile, the fixes are almost like climbing Mount Everest.

"God didn't say how heavy that cross would get someday, he never said how it would be easy all the time to climb the mountain, but he say keep the faith and hold on!" said Crippen

Tri-city Union Gospel Mission Executive Director Andrew Porter says helping Ms. Virginia is a no brainer. She helped the mission for almost five decades, ever since it opened.

"We would do anything for her. She's just got a heart of gold. When she comes down here, she lights up our world, and she's got a lot of stories," said Porter.

"Ms. Virginia, she's like a second mother to me, so really she's the highest importance to me right now," said Aaron Estavillo, a volunteer at the mission.

Gospel Chaplain Mark Heritage says this is not the first time Ms. Virginia has received a letter from the insurance company refusing her coverage.

Last year, the issue was the roof on her home. "There's no reason for an insurance company to cite sporadically that they're just not going to help somebody. This is a case of a large institution not getting enough money out of it, and that's sad," said Heritage.

While the mission is doing what it can to ease Ms. Virginia's insurance problems, the due date is looming - June 25, and they still have a ways to go. 

As for Ms. Virginia, she says her community and faith will keep her safe. 

"Oh honey, I'm so loved, I'm so loved and I'm so happy. God said keep the faith and help is on the way," laughed Ms. Virginia.

Please contact the Tri-City Union Gospel Mission if you'd like to help.

Phone: (509) 547-2112