State Employee Furloughs

25,000 employees could receive furlough letters stating they will temporarily be out of job if the legislature does not pass a budget this week.

Washington State Parks is one agency that could possibly shut down come July 1st if the June 30th dealine is not met. 

Avid park goer Rick Cole visted Sacajaweea State Park along with many other state parks on a mini vacation from the coast of Washington state.

He said it's a shame that in just a week from now he may not be allowed in any state parks unless a budget is passed.  

"We've got an extensive network of state parks here and they're all in fantastic shape.You can hit the road and stop at all kinds of places and without that being available, we couldn't go on a trip like we did this time around," said Cole. "They're just going to have to tighten up their belts to keep these things open. This is what the people like to do, it's one of the most afforable things to do."

State employees will have to tighten their belts too.

Sacajaweea state park manager Reade Obern is expecting his furlough letter in the mail later this evening.

"It's always a tough thing, a lot of people have gone through job loss and this is only a temporary measure. So, we're going to just suck it up and get through it," said Obern.

On Friday, Governor Jay Inslee said he was hopeful that a decision would be made in time.

When asked today why this time should be any different, he responded this is the first time he's ever said they have made very substantial progress.