Two People Arrested Following Death of Prosser Man

<p>Preston Yahne</p>

Preston Yahne

Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies arrest two people in connection with a murder of a Prosser man.

22-year-old Preston Yahne of Prosser was found last Tuesday night inside his own car near Sunnyside.  The car had been set on fire.

Deputies say 19-year-old Laura Bancroft and 24-year-old Robert McCorkindale were seen fleeing the vehicle on foot.

Both suspects originally claimed they were at home all day, although McCorkindale later acknowledged that he and Bancroft did go walking in the area Yahne and his car was found.

McCorkindale later directed investigators to the location where he stated he stabbed Yahne multiple times before intentionally running over Yahne with a vehicle.  He stated that after running Yahne over with the vehicle he realized the victim was still alive and soe he ran over him several more times to ensure death and then subsequently set the vehicle on fire to destroy evidence.

McCorkindale acknowledged that Bancroft knew details of what had taken place but chose to be deceptive to investigators.

Yahne graduated from Prosser High School in 2009 and served four years in the U.S. Air Force.