Yakima is 5th in the Nation in Car Thefts

Yakima continues to be a hotbed for auto thieves, according to a report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

The organization says the city ranks 5th in the nation for auto thefts -- fueled by a 28% increase in stolen vehicles in 2012.

Spokane also ranked 9th in the nation, down from 4th the year before.

We asked a driver what he would reccomend others do in order to help prevent more car thefts in the future.

"We usually try to make sure if we have anything valuable, it's not kept where people can see it," said Kenton Kinion, "Locking the car windows all the way up, because they can get in with windows part-way down, and making sure the alarm's set."

In 2012, more than 30 thousand vehicles were reported stolen in Washington.

That's an average of 84 stolen vehicles per day and more than three vehicles stolen each hour.