9 Yr Old Donates Birthday Money to TC Cancer Center

<p>Chloe Kennedy-9 Yr Old Who Donated Birthday $$ to TC Cancer Center&nbsp;</p>

Chloe Kennedy-9 Yr Old Who Donated Birthday $$ to TC Cancer Center&nbsp;

9 year old Chloe Kennedy decides to donate her birthday money to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center. Below is a release from the Cancer Center detailing Chloe's donation: 


On Friday, June 21st the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation received a surprise donation from an unexpected donor. A young lady by the name of Chloe Kennedy donated $398 to benefit local individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer.


“For my 9th birthday, I wanted to raise money for the Tri-Cities Cancer Center instead of getting presents. I wanted to do this because I already have a bunch of things and I wanted to help people who have cancer,” Chloe stated in a letter presented to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation.


Chloe’s mother, Sarah Kennedy, mentioned that while Chloe herself has not been afflicted with cancer, she has known several family friends who have been. She requested that her birthday party guests bring a donation to help people with cancer. “Chloe has an amazing heart and even though some thought she might waiver from her idea to collect donations only, she never did and did give up many toys, clothes and other items to do this,” stated her mother Sarah.


In response to Chloe’s donation, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Foundation Director stated, “We are so thankful to Chloe for her most generous gift to our Foundation.  Her support will make a difference in the lives of local cancer patients and their families.  Chloe’s gift truly demonstrates the important role young people have in philanthropy.”


Donations, such as Chloe’s, made to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation support community programs, such as no-cost screenings, cancer-education presentations, and classes in our Wellness Center.  We also house the region’s most comprehensive cancer education library, the Ralph R. Peterson Library. Additionally, donations made to the Foundation provide free wigs, hats, scarves, mastectomy bras, breast prostheses and so much more to cancer patients in need.