Unpredictable Weather Crushing Cherry Crops

<p>Damaged Cherries</p>

Damaged Cherries

After a couple days of rain, we are finally expected to receive some sunshine -- even as high as the triple digits.

However, that's bad news for local cherry farmers.

Farmer John Verbrugge says he's lost about half of his cherry crops this season due to the up and down weather -- that similar trend is consistant with other farmers in our region as well.

Verbrugge says his workers have started picking cherries early in order to save what they can from the weather.

"Cherries are just so sensitive, they take on a lot of the elements and they can break down real quickly and decay in a matter of a day or two, especially after all that rain weather," said Verbrugge, "Because you get a lot of mildew setting in on the cherries, and just... It's not very pretty."

Workers at Verbrugge farms are expected to be picking cherries for the next two weeks, if the weather holds up.